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Cancellation Of Neighbours’ Planning Notification Letters

The Esher Residents Association supports this campaign by the Weybridge Society to object the Elmbridge Borough Councils’ proposals to stop sending out planning notification letters to neighbouring properties – Whilst the potential saving of £50k is very appealing, not everyone has access to the internet and not everyone is aware of the planning alerts system – Elmbridge Borough Council

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ERA Statement about Housing Targets and the Local Plan

In alliance with a number of other local groups, the ERA is issuing the following statement to pledge to protect the Green Belt and stand against the excessive housing targets that the government is trying to force onto Elmbridge: Alliance of Elmbridge Residents and Civic Groups Statement of the Alliance’s position on the preparation of the Elmbridge Local Plan made

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Sandown Park Appeal Report Due by 25th Feb

Robert Jenrick, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government has responded via Dominic Raab to Linda Stotesbury’s letter about Sandown Park (see earlier posts Write to Raab – about Sandown and Dominic Raab’s Response about Sandown) as follows: Thank you for your letter of 6 January, in relation to the appeal at Sandown Park Racecourse, Portsmouth Road,

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Dominic Raab’s Response about Sandown

Dominic Raab responded to Linda Stotesbury’s letter about Sandown Park (see earlier post Write to Raab – about Sandown) as follows: Dear Linda, Thank you for your recent email regarding the decision by The Jockey Club (TJC) to appeal Elmbridge Borough Council’s decision to reject its application to redevelop Sandown Park Racecourse. As you are aware, this appeal has now

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Esher Place House Plannng Applications Rejected

At the Elmbridge Borough Council Planning meeting this week (24/11/2020), the planning applications for Esher Place House were all comprehensively rejected by the Planning Committee, which includes our ERA Councillor Richard Williams. There were six separate applications being reviewed: 2020/0437, 2020/0438, 2020/0439, 2020/0440, 2020/0567 and 2020/0568. For more details about Esher Place house and ERA’s objections to the planning applications

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Sandown Park Racecourse Appeal Inquiry – 16th November

The very important appeal inquiry for Sandown Park Racecourse has been scheduled to start on Monday 16 November at 9.30am and is due to last until 1 December. To view or participate see details on the Elmbridge Borough Council Website at this link Sandown Park Appeal Inquiry. For more details about the issues around Sandown Park’s application see our earlier

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