Our Councillors

Richard Williams

Richard Williams

Richard Williams has been our councillor since 2nd May 2019. A Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers and the Royal Society of Arts, he is now partly retired and actively involved with Samaritans as a listening volunteer and a mentor.

A member of the Esher Conservation Area Advisory Committee, he has a strong interest in the built environment and protecting our much loved Green Belt. He has been relentless in his opposition to the Jockey Club’s plans to develop apartments and an hotel on Sandown Park.

On the Council, he has chaired a team of cross party members working on the future of the High Street, the report of which was recently updated as plans were emerging to reopen post Covid-19. He sites on there East Area Planning sub-committee and guest on the main planning committee when relevant.

“I’m immensely proud to represent the ERA and all the residents of Esher and Hersham Riverside, no matter what party they vote for – I’m strictly non-political.

I do believe that local politics is better run by committed local people with no dead weight of central party dogma. I get on extremely well with my fellow Esher councillors, David Young and Simon Waugh. We all have the interests of our ward at heart and it’s far better that we put our heads together on things, than battle over political matters”.

If you need to speak to Richard, call on 07453 326088‬ or email at rwilliams@elmbridge.gov.uk

David Young

David Young

David Young was elected on 6th May 2021. With a BA in Computer Science and an Executive MBA, he has spent 30 years working in a variety of business and technical roles across the world. He now works part time as an Operations Director for a software firm.

David and his family have lived in Esher for over 10 years. He is passionate about protecting the Green Belt, improving air quality, re-vitalising the town/village centres and making our area safer for families and local residents to walk or cycle.

David opposes the current raft of high-density housing plans and wants redevelopment plans that are more sustainable and in keeping with our current environment.

If you would like to contact David, email him at dyoung@elmbridge.gov.uk or dyoung@esher-residents.com or call him on 07743 418123.

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