Recent newsletters

This is the new section where we store our newsletters. for the sake of space we start at the point where we introduced our new design format…

Our 101st Newsletter was published in October 2020. It covered Surrey County Council’s plans for a unitary authority, the Hersham bypass changes, the threat to Esher Place House, St George’s church and an update on Sandown Park. It also introduced David Young, our candidate for the May 2021 local election.

Our 100th edition was published in January 2020. It covered our fear for the future of the Green Belt under the new Local Plan and the need for people to complete the new consultation running from 27 January – 9th March as well as an article about Esher’s famed architect Blair Imrie and the plaque, soon to be unveiled for test plot Bill Bedford.

Our 99th edition was published in the summer of 2019. It was concerned with the looming Sandown Park application, but also covered the Hersham Choirs, the future of the Claremont Belvedere and the Lower Green litter pick.

The first of our newly designed newsletters. It announced the Jockey Club’s plans for Sandown and goes into some detail on their plans. Also covered are news about parking charges, the loss of Harry Fletcher house, news from the Lower Green Community Centre and preparations for the May local elections..which we won!