Esher Place Appeal Update

The Appeals for the 6 planning applications at Esher Place are being considered by the Planning Inspector.

  • Application Reference: 2020/0437 – Appeal Reference: APP/K3605/W/21/3275789
  • Application Reference: 2020/0438 – Appeal Reference: APP/K3605/W/21/3275803
  • Application Reference: 2020/0439 – Appeal Reference: APP/K3605/W/21/3275808
  • Application Reference: 2020/0440 – Appeal Reference: APP/K3605/W/21/3275811
  • Application Reference: 2020/0567 – Appeal Reference: APP/K3605/Y/21/3275801
  • Application Reference: 2020/0568 – Appeal Reference: APP/K3605/Y/21/3275807

The main appeals are being determined via the “Written Reps” procedure, ie without meetings, but there is an Informal Hearing on Tuesday 15th March at 10am via Zoom to discuss matters of Affordable Housing and Financial Viability. These are the only issues being considered at the Hearing and there will be no opportunity to discuss or ask questions on any other matters.

A link to join the hearing will be made available on after 9am on the day of
the hearing.

If you want to find out more about the campaign to save Esher Place then please view and sign up for their newsletter.

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