E-Briefing – March 2021

Welcome to our March Newsletter The local elections have been given the go ahead for Thursday May 6th and I, David Young, will be your ERA candidate for the Esher Ward. One seat is up for election this year and I hope to have your support so that I can join our Councillor, Richard Williams, on the Elmbridge Council.
Hopefully, you will find the articles in this month’s e-newsletter interesting. Again please forward this to your neighbours and ask them to join us via our website.

Thank you, 
David Young – ERA Candidate for the May local election  

Campaign News  

Air Pollution in Esher is the worst in Elmbridge. What type of pollution do we have? Why is it so bad? What can we do about it?… Click here to find out more.

Council News

Postal Voting The local election is on May 6th and many more people will want to vote by post this year. Here is guidance on how to register for a postal vote.

Planning News

ERA Pledge to protect the Green Belt. The ERA along with other residents groups have pledged to protect the Green Belt and oppose excessive housing targets being imposed by Whitehall. Details about the pledge can be found on our website.

Local Interest

Monuments of Esher High Street. They are so familiar to us that we hardly see them.. click here to find out more about four of them.

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