Cancellation Of Neighbours’ Planning Notification Letters

The Esher Residents Association supports this campaign by the Weybridge Society to object the Elmbridge Borough Councils’ proposals to stop sending out planning notification letters to neighbouring properties –

Whilst the potential saving of £50k is very appealing, not everyone has access to the internet and not everyone is aware of the planning alerts system – Elmbridge Borough Council – Planning alerts.

We agree that a hybrid model should be adopted

  • Automatically check which neighbours have/have not signed up for the email alert service and only send post to those who are not registered.
  • Deliver the letters to the neighbouring houses at the time that posters are put up on the street outside the property
  • Publicise the planning alerts system more widely to encourage more residents to sign up for it

We also question why these costs are being borne by Council. The costs of postage should be covered as part of any planning application fee by the applicant.

Whilst we welcome the intent to use modern technology to save money, it has to be done fairly taking all residents into account. We urge the Council to implement the hybrid model and adjust the planning application fee appropriately.

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