Esher Place House Plannng Applications Rejected

At the Elmbridge Borough Council Planning meeting this week (24/11/2020), the planning applications for Esher Place House were all comprehensively rejected by the Planning Committee, which includes our ERA Councillor Richard Williams.

There were six separate applications being reviewed: 2020/0437, 2020/0438, 2020/0439, 2020/0440, 2020/0567 and 2020/0568.

For more details about Esher Place house and ERA’s objections to the planning applications please see our previous post Local Historic Landmark – Esher Place House – Under Serious Threat.

One comment

  • Glad that Elmbridge Borough Council have shown leadership and courage in rejecting this disgraceful planning application. To lose such a magnificent building with such outstanding features, then be replaced by a collection of flats-is abhorrent. My memories of Esher Place is derived from a TU training course in 1995, memories that still resonate with me today. So, may I congratulate Elmbridge Borough Council for their wisdom and fortitude thereby protecting our country’s heritage for future generations. It would be prudent to remember we are merely the custodians of beautiful artefacts such as Esher Place, not the owners!


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