May 6th Election Confusion

As we canvas residents of the Esher Ward we are finding a lot of people are confused about who is standing in the May 6th elections.

There are 3 elections on May 6th:

Election 1: Elmbridge Borough Council – Esher Ward

The Esher Ward includes Esher, West End, Lower Green and Hersham Riverside/Longmore.

One of the 3 seats is up for election.

  • Our Esher Resident Candidate is DAVID YOUNG.

David is the ONLY candidate who actually lives in the Esher Ward!

Election 2: Surrey County Council

All of the Surrey County Council seats are up for election.

If you live in Esher, West End or Lower Green you will be in the EAST MOLESEY & ESHER division. This has four candidates:

  • Bruce McDonald (LibDems), Steve Bax (Conservative), Richard Bennett (Labour), Laura Harmour (Green) – see page 4 of this PDF Surrey County-persons nominated.

If you live in Hersham Riverside/Longmore you will be in the HERSHAM division. This has three candidates:

Election 3: Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner

This is for the whole of Surrey.

There are 5 candidates: LibDem, Conservative, Labour and Co-operative Party, Zero Tolerance Policing, and an Independent – see this PDF PCC-Statement-of-Persons-Nominated.

Promoted by Simon Leifer of 9 Broom Close, Esher KT10 9ET on behalf David Young of 2 Copsem Lane, Esher, KT10 9EU

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