A244 (Copsem Lane) Road Safety Improvements Needed!

Safety improvements at two key points on the Copsem Lane stretch of the A244 are being considered but it is all too slow.

Copsem Lane/Milbourne Lane junction (copyright Google 2021)

The first is the junction of Copsem Lane/Claremont Lane/Milbourne Lane/Claremont Drive. This staggered junction is a nightmare for pedestrians with traffic coming from multiple directions, narrow pavements and views obscured by gate posts. There are 3 schools served by this junction plus numerous school buses stopping nearby yet there is no pedestrian crossing.

Long term residents recall that it wasn’t so long ago that these Lanes were just that – narrow lanes. But since the completion of the Esher bypass, the A244 has become ever busier as people travel from the A3 to Kingston, Walton and beyond. Even under the lighter lockdown traffic, any kind of accident or the incessant roadworks cause major blockages on the main road as well as on Milbourne Lane and Claremont Drive.

Pedestrian crossings at this junction are to be reviewed as part of the Esher Transport Study which aims “to improve the junctions in the town centre area to enhance the pedestrian facilities where possible”.  But there is no date nor committed funding for this to be done.

In the meantime, work to improve the situation for cars is planned over the next year. This involves widening the right turn lane from Copsem Lane into Milbourne Lane by removing the hatching and extending the right turn lane further down the road. Whilst this may improve traffic flow, it will only make the pedestrian safety issue worse with the pedestrian refuge opposite Haymeads Drive being removed and replaced with a smaller one and the inevitable racing by cars to “beat the lights”.

ERA has been providing our input to this plan to try to maintain some level of safety, but we would much prefer the pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights to be given priority.

Esher Common / Arbrook Common Crossing (copyright Google 2021)

The second danger spot is the bridleway crossing between Esher Common and Arbrook Common. The past year has seen this crossing become even more popular with walkers, joggers, cyclists and horse riders. But crossing a 40mph road with signs far too late to warn motorists to slow down is fraught with peril.

ERA has been in contact with Surrey CC about this crossing and again it is “on the list” but no real progress has been made.

Esher residents, Nicola Foster, Allison & Reuben  Galaun, together with BHS Surrey have raised a petition to install a Pegasus crossing here and, so far, have over 1,100 signatures. Please add your support at  https://petitions.surreycc.gov.uk/pegasus-esher/.

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