Elmbridge BC v Surrey CC

Elmbridge Borough Council

The current Elmbridge BC administration is run by a coalition of Residents’ Association councillors (including our own Cllrs. Richard Williams and David Young), independents and LibDems. Councillors are elected for 4 year terms.

Surrey County Council

The current Surrey CC administration is run by the Conservatives.

Elmbridge BC is one of 11 Surrey district and borough councils, responsible for the smooth running of local matters:

Planning Deciding what buildings are built and where

Rubbish and waste collection

Countryside Looking after our treasured green spaces, such as Esher Common and Hersham Riverside Park

Car parks (not on-street parking and CPZs – they are run by Surrey CC)

Community support services Meals on wheels, funding and running day centres for the elderly and other vulnerable residents

Environmental health

Sports and health Sports facilities, pools and funding sporting activities

Leisure and culture Arts and culture and our village halls

Surrey CC is a more remote body, but with huge influence over your lives since it runs the following services:

Highways Everything to do with roads, from changed layouts, traffic management, to potholes

Schools and learning

Social care and health

Recycling centres


Footpaths and Bridleways

Although your Council Tax is collected by Elmbridge Borough Council it is then distributed as follows……