Postal Votes for May Elections

There are three elections happening on Thursday 6th May this year:

  1. Elmbridge Borough Council – one of the three Esher Ward seats is up for election this year
  2. Surrey County Council – the whole county council is up for election, this happens every 4 years. Our Ward is East Molesey and Esher
  3. Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner

I , David Young, am the Esher Residents’ Association candidate for the Elmbridge Borough Council – Esher Ward so I hope you will vote for me to represent you on Elmbridge Council.

A lot more people are expected to vote by post this year. If you want to register then you can find the form on Elmbridge Borough Council – Voting by post. The form has to be printed off and filled in. You can then either return it

  • By email to; or
  • By post to Electoral Services, Elmbridge Borough Council, Civic Centre, High Street, Esher, Surrey KT10 9SD

The form has to be received by 5pm on 20th April.

We don’t have an exact date when the postal ballots will be sent out – it should be by 22nd April.

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