Richard Williams retains the Esher Ward seat

Cllr Richard Williams retained his seat at May 4th’s Elmbridge Borough Council elections. He was first elected in 2019.

Richard said, “It’s been a long and quite hard campaign. We are a very small team of very dedicated people who are pretty analogue in the way we campaign. There’s a lot of street trudging and door knocking, but a victory like this make it all worthwhile”.

‘I feel immensely proud that residents in the Esher Ward have given me the chance to represent them again. There is so much ahead of us that’s important. Improving the High Street and getting a much better connection to people who live in the Hersham part of our ward, as well as protecting our green spaces and getting better buildings built. I’m so glad that my fellow Esher Residents Association councillors Simon Waugh and David Young are in place too!”

The Esher Residents Association would like to thank all those people who contribute to our funds and those who deliver our newsletters and election material so we can continue to represent politics-free local government.

Richard’s win is announced. He is seen with Amanda Manship, the Conservative candidate

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