Waitrose Esher Refurbishment

The much anticipated refurbishment of the Esher High Street Waitrose has begun and, despite rumours circulating to the contrary, the shop and car park will remain open throughout.

Branch Manager, Richard Rostill, has been visiting the near neighbours and has explaining what is going to happen and answering questions about residents’ and shoppers’ concerns:

The internal works will take place overnight whereas the car park will be done during working hours i.e. 8am-5pm. Entry will be through the High Street doors. The fridge freezers are all being replaced by modern eco friendly water cooled ones; there will be more self serve checkouts and the ground floor entrance from the car park will be laid out more invitingly and logically (as it has evolved piecemeal and somewhat chaotically over the years!). The Wine Department will be moved towards the wide T area at the far end of the store and in its place there will be a mini John Lewis.

The car park has been sinking and is in a sorry state. It is to be dug up in 5 sections over 10 weeks to a depth of 15cms and then re-laid.

All internal works should take 8 weeks and the aim is for everything inside and out to be completed by 22nd October.

Any problems or questions the please speak to Waitrose’s Princebuild Project Manager Ella Seddon on 07715 051546 or, if there are any out of hours issues, then its Site Manager Trevor Rainey 07932 968387. The store staff are happy to help so if you pop in with questions ask for Richard Rostill, Branch Manager or his Deputy, Matt Alcott.

As for the old police station site: yes, the land is still owned by the John Lewis Partnership but a private developer has  plans for residential flats with parking there but no further details are currently available.

One comment

  • Joshua Miller-Cundy

    Hello, let them know that it’s the 15th of November, they should’ve finished months ago, and they’re still drilling at 7 in the morning – not 8. What on earth is going on here? Are residents just powerless to this shambles?


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