Esher and Hersham are missing out!

The Elmbridge Borough Council Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 13th January ( discussed the Enterprise Elmbridge Action plan to revitalise the local high streets. Support was given for the Business Improvement District (BID) application by Cobham Chamber of Commerce; various activities in Walton including its successful BID application; and actions in Weybridge, whose Weybridge Town Business Group is also looking at BID opportunities and has a Town Action Plan.

What was noticeable was the lack of mention of Esher and Hersham.

Business closures in Esher and Hersham have accelerated even faster due to COVID and we need a co-ordinated approach to come up with action plans to help halt this decline. Do you have ideas about how we can revitalise Esher and Hersham town/village centres?


  • Make one hour free parking in the car park next to council office. Lower rates. Encourage existing shops to form a strong chamber of commerce.


    • Lynne, yes you are right – the old chamber of commerce (Esher Business Guild) seems to have disappeared. The other towns all have a strong group to push for investment in their towns.


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