Two important Council consultations

There are two important consultations, one is running at the moment and the other will start on March 1st. Please contribute to them both.

If Elmbridge gets its way, you won’t be able to see peoples’ comments on Planning Applications.

The Planning Committee agreed, by a narrow margin, to remove peoples’ written observations about proposed developments from the Council’s website. The reason given was to avoid GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) issues. We think they can achieve that without resorting to such an extreme, opaque and undemocratic solution.

You can comment here. Please do so before 24th February. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Have your say on the future of Esher High Street.

The redevelopment of the Civic Centre, under discussion at the moment, offers a golden opportunity for us to transform the whole of Esher town centre, making it more appealing and safer.

Elmbridge Council, Surrey Highways, Highways England, landlords and developers must understand what we want and don’t want. We need all these groups to work together with our residents to deliver a bright future for our town.

Esher needs a new Masterplan, but we can’t achieve one without your support. 

Elmbridge Council will be releasing a consultation on Esher’s future, for one month running from 1 March and we want to ensure that there is a detailed debate to capture the ideas and aspirations of the residents and businesses of Esher.

Please sign up for our Esher Residents Association email updates on a new Masterplan for Esher and for details of the Council’s public meeting, where you can share your thoughts on how YOU would like Esher to be in future. Sign up below for updates on this consultation and we will make sure you are kept in the loop.

One comment

  • We should definitely have our say on the development. We start seeing ugly property structure development ( Esher car park) without considering the traffic jam ( which is already a problem in Esher, as we know) and empty shops on the high street. And more pot holes everywhere, very dangerous for cyclists.


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