Vision for Esher – Survey

We have launched a short survey to gather feedback from residents of the Esher Ward (including Lower Green , West End and Hersham Riverside) and help us define our Vision for the future. The ERA has been attempting to protect Esher’s heritage and hold back the tide of over-development for many years. But we want to make sure that our policies are still in line with the views of the majority of the residents we represent. We also want to gather your ideas for how Esher could develop in the post-Covid world. Some questions we want to address include:

  • Does the town centre meet your needs? How could we improve it?
  • What local services need improving?
  • Do Lower Green, West End and Hersham need additional services?
  • How should we balance the conflicting demands of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists?
  • What are your biggest local concerns that we should prioritise?

To complete the survey please click here.