Here is the list and status of planning applications in Esher.


2018/1290 Land Northwest 40 West End Lane. 2-storey house and detached garage following demolition of existing garage. Appeal lodged.

2017/0401 61-63 More Lane. Development comprising 17 flats with associated parking following the demolition of 61 and 63 More Lane and associated garages and outbuildings. Appeal lodged.

2018/3272 35 New Road. Detached two-storey building with rooms in the roof space and underground parking comprising of 6 flats, detached two-storey house with rooms in the roof space, both with associated parking and amenity space, 1.5m high entrance gates and piers, new access and bin stores following demolition of existing house. Appeal lodged.

2018/3369 Harry Fletcher House High Street. Prior Notification: Demolition of single-storey building. 6 objections.

2018/3537 19 Riverside Drive. Detached 2-storey house with rear balcony & integral garage following demolition of existing house and garage.

2018/3514 24 Claremont Drive. Detached two-storey dwelling with rear balcony, swimming pool, alterations to the roof of existing detached garage, new gates and piers to a height of 2.4m and retention of existing outbuildings following demolition of the existing historic detached house. Next to Listed Walls  2  objections, 1 of these is from Claremont Fan Court School.

2018/3057 21 Claremont Avenue. Additional detached 2-storey house with detached garage incorporating rooms in the roof space forming ancillary accommodation and new access. 17 objections.

2018/3714 2 Lammas Lane. Detached three-storey building containing 6 flats with rooms in the roof space, basement parking and 2m high front boundary wall following demolition of existing house. 25 objections.

2018/3749 Hanover, 6 Claremont Lane. 9  houses and 4 flats, associated parking & landscaping following the demolition of existing house and buildings. 60+ objections.

2018/2321 COTE 102 – 106 High Street. Partial change of use of basement from A3 (Restaurant) to D2 (Gym), first and second floor rear extensions, rear dormer windows with rooms in the roof space to create additional dwelling, alterations to fenestration etc.

2019/0095 Littleworth House, 12 Littleworth Common Rd Retrospective application for a children’s play area- (previous application for similar recently refused) 3 objections.

2019/0551 Sandown Park Racecourse. Hybrid planningapplication for the redevelopment of Sandown Park Racecourse involving: Outline application for the re-development of the site to provide 318 residential units, an hotel (150 rooms),  re-location and development of existing children’s nursery and alterations to existing racecourse facilities and car parking (for access only).Full application for the widening of the southwest and east sections of the racecourse track including associated groundwork, re-positioning of fencing, alterations to existing internal access road from More Lane and new accesses serving the development. 500+objections.

2018/3678 1 – 5 Hillside Portsmouth Road. 3-storey building comprising 17 flats and 1 house, rooms in the roof space, underground parking, bin and cycle stores, new access and associated parking and landscaping following demolition of existing buildings.  5 objections inc ERA. Similar to application just allowed on Appeal

2019/0390 Esher Lawn Tennis Club, 7 Milbourne Lane. Variation of Condition: 4 (Hours of Use) of planning application 2016/0037 to extend hours of operation. 6 objections.

2019/0259 Rear of 9 Broom Close. Detached 3 storey block of 7 flats etc  & new access from Claremont Lane. Amendment to 2015/3014 (allowed on Appeal) 8 objections.

New applications:

2019/0426 7 Hawkshill Way. Detached two-storey house incorporating dormer windows, rear balcony, rear terrace and attached car port, garage and workshop following demolition of the existing detached house.

2019/1030 Parking spaces at Windsor House Esher Green. Change of use from Retail (A1) to Business (B1), Storage and Distribution (B8), Non-Residential Institution (D1) and Assembly and Leisure (D2) uses.

2019/0804 41 Esher Green. Part two/part single-storey rear extension, single-storey front/side extension, front porch & canopy, alterations to fenestration following partial demolition of existing house.

2019/0758 9 & 11 More Lane. 2 pairs of semi-detached two-storey houses with rooms in the roof space, dormer windows, new access with associated parking, landscaping, alterations to fenestration at 9 More Lane, following demolition of existing house and garage. See also 2018/1639 11 More Lane (Appeal dismissed) 2 pairs of semi-detached 2-storey houses and new access etc following demolition of existing house and garage: – main issue is the effect of the development on the living conditions of occupiers of 9 More Lane with particular regard to outlook and light.

2019/1051 River House, 85 Esher Road Hersham. Outline application for extension and alterations to existing dwelling to create 12 flats following partial demolition of existing house (for access, layout and scale only). 7 objections

2019/1025 2019/1026 2019/1027 2019/1028 6 Winterdown Road. Part two/part single-storey rear extension, single-storey side extension, front porches and alterations to fenestration following sub-division of existing property into two houses and partial demolition of existing house.

Appeals dismissed:

2018/1743 Warling Dean, 33 New Road. 3-storey detached building with basement car parking of 19 units etc following demolition of existing buildings. Appeal dismissed.

2019/0215 45 More Lane. Redevelopment of site to provide a 51 bed care home including new access, associated parking, etc. 30+  objections. Appeal dismissed.