September’s Consultation had the biggest response ever received by Elmbridge to a planning consultation (+6,500). 85% of respondents chose Option 4: no building on the Green Belt.

Despite this, the Council claims its own consultation is ‘not representative’ and can be attributed little weight! So, why have a consultation?

Now, a new consultation is live until 9th March. Many of the statements in it are positive. However, despite much reference to Climate Change and the need to enhance our natural environment, protecting the Greenbelt is not included in any of the 5 Key Objectives. 

4 out of the 5 objectives are focused on building: more homes, more infrastructure, more businesses, more development.  This is not compatible with the Climate Emergency and buried in Theme 3 is the statement: ‘to optimise opportunities to increase the supply of new homes.’  

It is essential we tell the Council what we want – there will not be another opportunity before publication of the draft plan. We must discredit the planning officers’ false assertion that only a small proportion of Elmbridge responded to the last consultation and therefore only a few of us care about the Green Belt.

If you value Elmbridge’s Green Belt, we ask you to do one simple thing:

Complete the new Consultation by 9 March. Get the numbers up, it’s open to all members of your household!

There are 9 questions, most of which ask if you think opportunities or issues have been missed – for each question please tell the Council to add in a specific objective to protect ALL of our existing Green Belt from any development.  


If you want help filling it in, one of committee members has shared their responses with us – please feel free to use them…