Elmbridge Councillors were invited to a fascinating evening discussing Heathrow’s expansion plans at the Civic Centre last night (30th July). It is very important to contribute to their consultation – which lasts until 13th September. 

Concerns from Elmbridge Councillors were about whether there’s really a need to grow the airport in the light of changed attitudes to flying. By 2050, Heathrow will be handling 140m passengers, as opposed to the 80m it handles now. The Heathrow team could not tell us when these growth figures were decided and if they will be relevant in 2050 when the scheme will be complete.

Another great source of concern is that to reduce emissions and encourage the use of public transport, a ULEZ zone will be created and vehicles will be punished/charged for entering the airport. Elmbridge Councillors were quite clear that this is a nonsense for Elmbridge residents as public transport to Heathrow from all of the borough is dreadful.

It’s impossible to capture the discussion in a few short paragraphs, but do spend time on the consultation:

Go here…https://aec.heathrowconsultation.com

It is worth looking at alternative views on Heathrow’s expansion too. Both the Guardian and Telegraph have covered the matter extensively