Elections 2022 – Simon Waugh, Our ERA Candidate

Simon Waugh, our ERA candidate for the May 2022 Elmbridge Borough Council election, has lived in Esher for over 18 years with his wife
Heather and two sons who both attended Esher Church
School and Esher High School.

As a Chartered Surveyor he enjoyed a 30 year career as a
partner in a major surveying practice and now runs his
own company based in Esher.

If you have any questions or have any issues you would like to raise with Simon please contact him on helloesher@esher-residents.com

Message from Simon Waugh

Having been previously elected as a Conservative
Councillor I recently decided that I can best serve the residents of Esher and Hersham as an Esher Residents Councillor as I wanted to concentrate on local issues not national politics.

I have served on the Planning Committee and the Local Plan Working Group as well as previously being the Chairman of the Audit & Standards Committee. In addition I am a Trustee of the Henry Smith Charity and Chairman of King George’s Hall in Esher and in this capacity over the last year I have worked to secure its future with the founding of the new Esher Theatre , which is proving to be successful, bringing in new activity for the bars, restaurants and shops on the High Street.

If I’m elected on the 5th of May, I will continue to look at ways our High Street can be improved by way of making the slip roads more pedestrian friendly and pressurising Surrey County Council to address the chronic traffic congestion in Esher and Hersham.

I will use my property background to ensure local
planning is fair and I will continue to protect our open spaces, common land and the Green Belt.

If you elect me as your Esher councillor, I will fight to…

  • Continue our successful campaign to protect 100% of the Green Belt
  • Continue our successful campaign to ensure our Local Green Spaces, such as Esher Cricket Club and Clare Hill Golf Course remain protected
  • Continue to resist inappropriate and unsustainable development
  • Press SurreyCC to reduce traffic speeds, to increase safety and reduce pollution on our High Streets.
  • Lobby Surrey County Council to maintain our roads properly
  • Research and review ways to help our residents and High Street businesses e.g. improved parking schemes

Please support us by printing our “print at home” posters and putting them up in a front window or car dashboard. They can be found on our main elections page click here.

Promoted by Simon Leifer of 9 Broom Close, Esher KT10 9ET on behalf Simon Waugh of 18 Copsem Lane, Esher, KT10 9HB