Elections 2021 – David Young, Our ERA Candidate

David Young, our ERA candidate for the May 2021 Elmbridge Borough Council election, has been a resident of Esher for twelve years. David has worked in IT and Project Management in the UK and Asia and is now a part-time Operations Director for a software firm. He is passionate about protecting the Green Belt and our beautiful local area and is particularly interested in tackling Climate Change and air pollution. 

David is a Trustee/Treasurer of the Lower Green Community Centre and is helping to re-open the Centre for the Lower Green residents.

David’s CV is available here on LinkedIn.

Message from David Young

2020 was a year like no other and has turned much of what we know and love upside down. As we emerge from this crisis, we can re-evaluate how we interact with our local community and environment.

Do we want to return to the old ways of stressed commuting, traffic jams, pollution and a constant chipping away of our beautiful area by developers? Or do we want to live and work in a vibrant town which encourages people to come together and enjoy the history and nature that is all around us?

Esher, Lower Green and Hersham Riverside are falling behind against other towns in Elmbridge. We do not have the same sense of community or local activism.

ERA has had success in pushing back the relentless tide of ill-conceived development. We need to keep up the fight against excessive targets being imposed by central government. But we require a more proactive approach. We need to come up with plans for what development we do want (based on local needs not Whitehall algorithms), how we revitalise the town centres, how we improve facilities for families, young people and senior citizens, and how we make our contribution to fighting climate change, pollution and waste.

All this must be tackled decisively. Actions speak louder than words! In my work, I am focused on getting things done – on time and on budget – and implementing change to make businesses more efficient. These are the skills that I will use to make the Esher Ward the best place to live.

If you elect me as your Esher councillor, I will fight to…

Protect the Green Belt – To save our green spaces for future generations.
Stop over-development – Development needs to see the right new housing in the right places based on need not greed.
Revitalise the High Street – Work with local retailers to bring life back into the town and make it an attractive destination.
Action Carbon Reduction – The carbon reduction targets need to be put into action: Fast! We need to be leaders not
Support Senior Citizens, Families & Young People – Protect the Library. Make better use of Council facilities to provide Community Hubs.
Make Esher Greener – Reduce the impact of traffic; Reduce pollution; Make pedestrians feel safer

Please support us by printing our “print at home” posters and putting them up in a front window or car dashboard. They can be found on our main elections page click here.

Promoted by Simon Leifer of 9 Broom Close, Esher KT10 9ET on behalf David Young of 2 Copsem Lane, Esher, KT10 9EU