Richard Williams’s manifesto

We’ve been distributing ERA candidate Richard Williams’s manifesto to as many houses as we can reach. For those of you who we haven’t reached, here is what he’s said:

Making Esher and Hersham better places to live

What do I mean by “Making Esher and Hersham better places to live”? 

Encouraging the development of better, more sympathetic buildings since we are hugely affected by the built environment.

Creating better, more attractive shopping and civic spaces that everyone can enjoy. 

Protecting and treasuring the green spaces around us. 

Making sure our housing associations are serving their tenants in a more respectful, timely and effective way.

So far in my first four years I have:

Planning and Green Spaces

Kept residents’ comments on planning applications public. 

Won Local Green Space protection for Moore Place golf course.

Led and won the fight to stop a ham-fisted development of Esher Place House.

Killed off two terrible development proposals on historic Esher landmark Cafe Rouge (now locally listed). 

Joined the Lower Green regeneration group to make better use of Council owned land.

Stopped the Jockey Club’s proposals to build on Sandown Park.

Had footpaths laid linking Douglas Road and Lower Green Road.

Social housing

Worked with residents to get repairs done and had their complaints listened to and acted upon.

Successfully intervened to get young families and homeless people rehoused.

Parking and the High Street

Part of ERA’s survey for residents and businesses to push for more flexible parking charges.

Proposed ‘civic space’ alternatives to huge flatted redevelopment of the Civic Centre site.

What more do I want to do if you elect me again?


Work more closely with Hersham residents to make sure the valuable ‘village feel’ is not lost.

Planning and leisure

See through development of the High Street into a desirable and safe place to shop and socialise.

Win greater protection for iconic Esher Arts and Crafts houses that are part of Esher’s heritage.

Help build the value of and adherence to the Design Codes contained in the Local Plan.

Make Esher and Hersham more child friendly by creating more playgrounds.  

ERA Chair Simon Leifer on Richard Williams

“Richard founded two of the country’s most successful design businesses and his mix of creative and business skills means he is both restlessly inquisitive and a financial realist. 

He understands architecture and how good and bad development affects us all. He just wants buildings that make Esher and Hersham better places to live. 

He’s fought tirelessly to protect our green spaces, Sandown Park and Moore Place Golf Club being two notable wins.  

He’s always on hand to help people who can’t make headway with the Council or their housing associations – he just doesn’t give up as so many residents have told us:

“He should be Prime Minister!” said a grateful re-housed resident, while another says “Thank you for all your endeavours and dedicated commitment to our fight against Birchwood’s development of Esher Place House” and from Lower Green “We are moving on Saturday! All thanks to you. Thank you so much!”.

We are really pleased he’s standing for us again.

Why vote for the ERA?

No matter what way you vote in national elections, if you’d like your local Council administration to be unshackled from national politics, doing what it thinks is right rather than what the Party demands then vote for the ERA.

We don’t aspire to be politicians, we just want to continue to do the right thing for you. 

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