Initial Consultation on the Elmbridge Design Code – by 11th Feb!

There is an Initial Consultation on the Elmbridge Design Code – a short box tick at this stage to have your chance to say how you want to have your say, but not much time in which to do it!

Please note that this consultation will close at 9am on Friday 11 February 2022

Its a very short box tick at this stage (see below) so give it a go!

This is all they are currently asking:

Design Code (Initial Consultation)

Design Code Survey

We have put together a list of potential types of engagement options below. Please note that we will always be mindful to make any face-to-face interaction COVID secure.

Please let us know, using the comments box further down, of any other communication channels you would prefer it not referenced below.

Following this consultation, we will assess the results and prepare a communications and engagement plan and timetable to share with you.

Please select one or more of the following:

  • Social media: (Twitter, Facebook and Nextdoor), as well as the council’s website – these could include social media platforms or a dedicated webpage
  • Via email: we will send you a regular email upate on the Design Code process including surveys to gather responses
  • Workshops: hands-on events to explore the challenges and opportunities of an area or analyse options at various stages
  • ‘Walking workshops’: you will have the opportunity to walk around an area with our team and discuss aspects of the Design Code
  • Community panels or forums: these could be face-to-face sessions or via video conferencing, giving you the opportunity to feed into the process. These would be held intermittently throughout the process
  • Drop in events and exhibitions: to provide the opportuity to discuss the proposals with our team face-to-face. These would be held intermittently throughout the process
  • Design review panels: face-to-face sessions held at key stages to test the content and application of the proposed Elmbridge Design Code. These would be held intermittently throughout the process

Please enter any additional comments


And thats all it is!

Below is the explanation:

Are you interested in design and planning in Elmbridge? Do you have a view on the value of design to the community? Would you like to share your thoughts and views with us and to contribute to the creation of Elmbridge’s own Design Code? If your answer is ‘yes’ then we would like to hear from you.

Elmbridge Borough Council is preparing a new Local Plan which will include policies to shape development in the borough for the next 15 years. Among the strategic and high-level Development Management policies within the Local Plan, there will be other Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) with the aim of providing more specific details and guidance on how these policies will be implemented. The Design Code is one such document; it will support the implementation of policies relating to design matters in Elmbridge.

Producing of a ‘Design Code’ for the borough is only possible with the involvement of our residents and businesses and its success depends on that collaboration.

What is a Design Code?

A design code is a set of simple, concise, design requirements providing specific and detailed parameters for the physical development of an area.

The aim of the Elmbridge Design Code is to reflect local character and design preferences; providing a framework for creating high-quality design in the borough.

Design codes would be expected to include some of the following:

  • Context – Local character and built heritage
  • Nature – Design of green infrastructure, play spaces and the protection of biodiversity
  • Built Form – Density, built form and urban design
  • Identity – Character of buildings
  • Public space – Design of streets and public spaces

Your involvement

If you are interested in finding out more about the Design Code and participating in the process of creating one for Elmbridge, please go to our online consultation portal. This initial consultation focuses on how you would like us to engage with you throughout this process and includes a short survey of options.

If you have any queries, wish to have a hard copy of the survey sent to you, or require any assistance then please email or call the Business Support Team in Planning on 01372 474474.

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