West End residents aghast at new gates blocking popular walking route

Plea for others to join campaign for access

Residents of West End are extremely upset that a set of gates has been erected at the end of Park Close, closing off a long standing short cut to the official footpath that leads up to Moore Place golf course and thence to Esher itself.

It seems that the gates were put up, possibly quite legitimately, by the Park Close Residents Association, but it has cut off what many other residents feel is an historic right of way, used by some for over 20 years.

ERA Committee members Doug Fryer and David Bramley, both of whom live in West End are working with 20+ other residents who have expressed a desire to retain access to the path. Should you wish to join their group and press for access to this route please email Doug: dougfmeadowcot@hotmail.com

New gates barring long standing entry