May 4th Elmbridge Council Leader’s statement

Statement from Stuart Selleck

“Throughout the pandemic, supporting our residents, especially our most vulnerable residents, has been our top priority.

  • We have reorganised ourselves to ensure we could bring food, medical supplies and a listening ear to thousands of residents.
  • We have worked tirelessly to ensure benefits and Universal Credit payments have been made as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
  • We have ensured rough sleepers have a safe bed to sleep in.
  • We have contributed to local foodbanks allowing them to support those in need.
  • We have suspended charges in our car parks for the benefit of residents and keyworkers.
  • We have ensured almost 1,500 businesses have received the financial support they need.
  • We have worked with partner organisations to ensure our community has the most up-to-date and trustworthy advice about COVID-19. 
  • Our waste collection crews have continued to deliver a great service throughout.

“For all of this we say ‘thank you’ to the teams of officers and volunteers working tirelessly and ‘thank you’ to our residents for your support. 

“We will work together to get through this pandemic, manage the easing of lockdown when that happens and to once again work to make Elmbridge thrive!”

Cllr Stuart Selleck
Elmbridge Borough Council  

Date published: 4 May 2020