Another successful Lower Green Litter Pick

Saturday 25 June’s litter pick was another great success. It was terrific to see people giving up an hour or so to scout for litter…we say litter, there was also an office chair retrieved from the bushes.

The great thing about these litter picks is that they don’t take long and they bring residents together for a chat and a snack afterwards. Many of them have never set foot in the Community Centre and are astonished at just how good it is.

Note to all smokers: Cigarette butts are not biodegradable. Please don’t drop them in the street – they’re tricky fellas to pick up!

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    1. Sally, as promised, I have been in touch with PA Housing – twice. They failed to respond to my first message, so I messaged them again yesterday. I will give them today to respond. If they don’t then I will speak to them tomorrow. When I have news, I will call you.


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