Last Saturday morning at the Lower Green Community Centre, resident Paul Hodson kicked off a community activity that could just make life better for everyone in the area.

Paul had come across Cllr Janet Turner of Hinchley Wood and Weston Green Residents Association while she was litter picking in her ward and asked her how her litter pick got started. Scroll forward a few weeks and the new, refurbished, Lower Green Community Centre was the starting point for an intro by Janet, the donning of Hi-Viz and a windy, but successful hour of cleaning up the area.

Eleven of us, including two very enthusiastic kids (OK ten, if you don’t count Paul and Mary’s little baby) braved the winds to pick up cigarette ends, soft drinks cans, wrappers and all manner of rubbish, making up nine bags in total, for collection by Amey.

Our reward, courtesy of Joanna Samson who oversees the Community Centre was tea, coffee and snacks – and a feeling that we’d made things just a bit better and that it might inspire people to join us. So, if you fancy giving an hour to build a cleaner, more loved Lower Green – please email us on helloesher@icloud and we’ll put you in touch with Paul.

Paul with the spoils (literally) of the litter pick

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