Residents of Hersham Riverside can’t understand why they are in Esher Ward. Nor do we. The Boundary Commission got it badly wrong and Hersham Residents feel hard done by.

However, Hersham Riverside needs proper representation. We’ve been talking to Cllr Roy Green of the Hersham Village Society, our fellow member of Elmbridge Residents Group and are keen to bring Hersham back together by reflecting the HVS policies.

Whilst the Village Hall is finally promised to be restored, why has it taken so long (and a dreadful fatality) to do something about Esher Road? How are people expected to cross the road to the bus stop amid traffic travelling at 40-60 mph? Who, in heavens name came up with this scheme? Children, people with shopping, old people are meant to take their lives into their hands every day.

It looks as though Esher Councillors don’t care about Hersham. Indeed we’ve been taken to task on a couple of occasions, for making our manifesto all about Esher. Point taken and we need to change that. We did produce a special Hersham Riverside News just before the election, that was widely distributed. If you want a copy, please email us at

Richard Williams is canvassing in Hersham over the next few days, so stop him and tell him what you think. Good or bad.

Try crossing Esher Road without a pedestrian crossing with traffic like this

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