Our Manifesto for May 2

Message from Richard Williams

“Elmbridge Council is bracing itself for continued cuts in funding from central government at the same time as facing huge demands to build new homes and to look after an ageing population. Factor in Brexit uncertainty and it’s easy to see that we have never faced so much pressure on local resources. 

That doesn’t mean we should panic. However, we need to be truly innovative if we are to solve the problems that face us. It doesn’t mean giving in to inappropriate proposed developments, such as those at Sandown Park which would change the identity of Esher forever. Nor does it mean ‘just building on 5% of the Green Belt’ to get the housing numbers up or cranking up parking charges to enrich the coffers a little.

The Esher Ward stretches to Lower Green in the north and Hersham Riverside in the west. The residents of those vibrant communities feel they have been overlooked in the past and I will work hard as an Esher councillor to make them feel they really do belong.

I have spent my business life working for global clients, helping them transform their businesses and it’s these skills that I will use as I work for you to make the Esher Ward a better place to live”

“I will be your hardest working Esher councillor, ready to do battle on..


To make the High Street a success and improve  life for many who work in Esher, we will stop the planned increases in parking costs and make parking more responsive to local needs.

The High Street

We need game changing solutions to bring in the independent retailers we all want. That means innovation around business rates and rent support and lobbying for transformed traffic management.

Planning & Environment

Our vigorous opposition to damaging proposals for Sandown Park shows our unbending commitment to the Green Belt – matched by a drive to see the right new housing in the right places to meet our growing need for affordable homes. 

Vital services

We have seen the attempt to force Citizens Advice and Relate out of their offices to create council parking. I will do battle for services that look after people when they are most in need.”

How Richard Williams will work with Elmbridge Residents Group councillors

Trust in main political parties has reached a new all time low. 

Keep national party politics out of local government.

Local elections are about choosing councillors to represent local concerns and interests – they are not about choosing a party to govern the country. Whichever way you vote nationally, if you want to keep a strong independent voice for the Esher Ward on Elmbridge Council, vote for Richard Williams, your Esher Residents’ Association candidate on Thursday 2nd May,

Here’s how Elmbridge’s independent Residents’ Group Councillors and the Esher Residents’ Association are working for you…

Protecting the environment

Residents’ Group Councillors are consistent in their fight to protect the Green Belt and playing fields, unlike the Conservatives who profess support for the Green Belt at election time and then, all too often, vote for building on it – as they have done in the past, at Sandown Park.

Residents’ Group Councillors are making Elmbridge greener and more sustainable through innovative ideas such as bottle refill schemes and reusable Boomerang Bags.


Residents’ Group Councillors have pledged to ensure that well designed, affordable homes are built in the right places, such as former commercial premises in Lower Green, thus preventing over-development in low density areas. The need to improve and upgrade the infrastructure to cater for increased housing is paramount.


The Conservatives continually raise parking charges and extend charging hours and this has had an adverse effect on shops, businesses and on people who work in the Ward. Elmbridge Residents’ Group Councillors will put a stop to 2020 and 2021’s planned increases, reintroduce free parking at certain times and make parking charges responsive to local needs.


80% of traffic in Esher is ‘through traffic’. Brave, innovative solutions are desperately needed such as changing the Ace of Spades Junction at Hook to prevent A3 bound traffic clogging up the town and approach roads. Esher Residents’ Association will work with Residents’ Group Councillors to address our traffic problems.


Residents’ Group Councillors will maintain current services, investing in our assets and in property and reducing dependence on central government. Prudent budgets will keep Council Tax increases to a minimum.

Valuable Community Assets

Residents Group Councillors vigorously protect our community assets, such as King George’s Hall, Harry Fletcher House, Lower Green Community Centre and Hersham Village Hall and champion vital charities

Our campaign to prevent the development of housing on the Green Belt at Sandown Park has caught the imagination of many residents who, so often, feel powerless against the relentless efforts of developers to build inappropriate 

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