Local elections on May 2nd

Richard Williams will, again, be the ERA candidate in the local election on 2nd May. A Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers and the Royal Society of Arts, he is now partly retired and actively involved with the Samaritans as a listening volunteer and a mentor.

Most recently, he has joined the team of trustees of the newly refurbished Lower Green Community Centre. A member of the Esher Conservation Area Advisory Committee, he has a strong interest in the built environment.

“I was proud to stand for the ERA in last year’s elections and disappointed to miss out by a slim margin. This past year I’ve worked closely with the ERA and other elected independent councillors in Elmbridge on local issues that really concern people, from unnecessary parking cost rises, to Thames Water’s never ending roadworks.

We’ve won battles on behalf of residents who feel powerless in the face of relentless developers and now, ahead of us lies Sandown’s development plans for flats on Green Belt land and the demolition of Harry Fletcher House to make way for Elmbridge BC parking spaces. This proposal will force out both Relate and the Citizens Advice Bureau without properly planned redevelopment of this precious brownfield Council asset. Local government has a responsibility to manage its finances, but that doesn’t mean denying people the valuable services and amenities they all need.

The pain on the High Street continues and we need to find innovative ways to deliver a thriving Esher town.

I firmly believe that local politics is better run by committed local people with no dead weight of central party dogma and it’s why I’m going to fight hard for your vote in May for me become your Esher councillor”

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