A missed opportunity

Harry Fletcher House is situated behind the High Street next to King George’s Hall and the Civic Centre. This Council owned building houses the Citizens Advice Bureau and Relate.

Notification to the public (2018/3369) has been given by Elmbridge Borough Council of their intention to demolish this building to provide 26 parking places. We understand that these parking spaces are required for more Council staff and public service employees.

Quite apart from the difficulties that will be faced by the Citizens Advice Bureau and Relate having to relocate their services, the costs involved in excess of £200,000 for demolition etc. appear excessive. 

Much has been made by government of the need to fully develop these valuable brownfield sites, particularly in the context of the need for affordable housing. This site, close to bus services and within half a mile of Esher station would appear ideal for the provision of at least some affordable housing while the provision of parking spaces appears to be an extravagant underuse of the site.

We believe Harry Fletcher House should remain with the Citizens Advice Bureau and Relate until the Council has plans to make full and proper use of the site.

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