General Sir Robert William Gardiner (1781 -1864)

The Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday, 18th June 1815, near the village of Waterloo in present-day Belgium. The French army under the command of Napoleon was defeated by the Anglo-Allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington and a Prussian army under the command of Gebhard von Blûcher.


On 18th June 2015 a Commemorative Service and Act of Remembrance was held at Christ Church, Esher to mark the 200th Anniversary of the battle and in memory of General Sir Robert William Gardiner who was Colonel Commandant of B. Brigade Royal Horse Artillery during the campaign.




















The General had a very successful military career culminating in serving under the Duke of Wellington during the Peninsular war and commanding his troop through out the Waterloo campaign. He went on to become equerry to Prince Leopold and Governor and Commander in Chief at Gibraltar from 1848 to 1855. He lived the last part of his life at Milbourne House on the Claremont Estate and is buried in the churchyard at Christ Church.













Prior to the outdoor wreath laying ceremony, the church bells rang and the congregation moved out of the church to the graveside. Eight officers and men of the Royal Regiment of Artillery were in attendance and a bugler sounded the last post.  Wreaths were laid on the vault by the Rector, Stefan Collier, and by brothers Orlando and Constantine Bridgeman, the great great great grandchildren of the General.  The congregation then moved into the church for a short service.


The Christ Church graveyard and vault bearing the inscription  “In this vault are deposited the remains of General Sir Robert William Gardiner G.C.B. G.C.H. Colonel Commandant Royal Horse Artillery. Born 2nd May 1781. Died 26th June 1861.


Elmbridge Borough Council publish a weekly list of the planning applications which they have received. Our Association prepare a monthly report based on the most significant of these applications in the Esher area. Our report is studied and discussed by the committee at their monthly meeting and If it is considered that a particular application is likely to be to the detriment of Esher we make our observations known to the Council. Such observations or objections are shown on these monthly reports below.

We do not usually comment on applications unless we are approached by local residents to do so. However, for any major developments, buildings in the High Street or on Green Belt land etc. we would normally make our views known.





2015 - Archive


  • August 2017

    Elmbridge Bin collections August 2017




    We ask residents to report any bins that have not been collected by 4.00 p.m. on the scheduled collection day, to the Elmbridge website:-


    and also could you please contact our councillor, Peter Heaney on 01372 467360 or 07966253980 or




    Joint Waste Solutions (JWS) is a new organisation formed to manage the waste collection of four councils, Mole Valley, Surrey Heath, Woking and Elmbridge.


    On 1st June, Elmbridge became the “guinea pig” council when Amey (Amery plc) were appointed by JWS as the new waste collection contractor for the area.


    Amey’s first month of operation was appalling and without excuse as a very long period had been given for the preparation to take-over this service. We now understand that the maximum penalties under the Amey contract have been applied for poor performance etc. and all contracts for the collection of garden waste from residents have been extended for two months free of charge.


    The Elmbridge Council portfolio holder for Environmental Services, Councillor Barry Fairbank, described the transition to the new contract as “ being more challenging than expected”. We believe this to be a


    considerable understatement!


    However, we have been informed that currently 99.3% of the 120,000 bins are being emptied on time each week, which means that 850 are still being collected 48 hours late, with some of these being missed altogether. This collection rate falls far short of the Elmbridge Council Environmental Services department target rate of 99.9%.


    Councillor Barry Fairbank has assured all residents that he is working with Amey and with JWS to ensure that this target is met as soon as possible. We have been warned that the new “All singing and dancing” computerised dust carts are now not due for delivery until September.


  • February 2017

    ELMBRIDGE LOCAL PLAN 27th February 2017


    Strategic Options Consultation


    The Esher Residents Association response to the Strategic Options Consultation is shown below:-


    The Planning Department


    Elmbridge Borough Council


    Civic Centre


    High Street


    Esher, KT10 9SD 24 February 2017




    Dear Sir or Madam,












    The Esher Residents Association do not believe that the case has been made for allowing development in the Green Belt “Weakly performing areas “ and we cannot support any of the three options being proposed.




    The fundamental aim of Green Belt policy is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open; the essential characteristics of Green Belt are their openness and their permanence.




    The recently released Government white paper appears to support this and the “Weakly Performing “ category of Green Belt appears to be directly undermining this central government policy.




    If Brexit means Brexit, then Green Belt is surely Green Belt and it is hard to understand how any area of it can be described as weakly performing when it has prevented the metropolitan mass from overwhelming us for so many years.




    Housing Requirement Overstated




    The Association does not believe that, although independently assessed, the requirement or need for 9,500 dwellings by 2035 is correct. The economy has been very severely threatened by the Brexit vote and there is every reason to believe that the requirement for housing will not increase at the same rate as in the past but rather a much reduced number of dwellings will be required between now and 2035 than predicted.




    However, we do recognize that there is considerable pressure to increase the number of dwellings in Elmbridge. The evidence is clear as in the last four years


    alone the number of households in the Borough has increased by some 3,800 an increase of 7%. Such increases cannot be sustainable to 2035 and there are already clear indications that infrastructure is already failing to meet the increased pressures.




    Infrastructure Cannot Cope




    The existing road system already cannot cope, resulting in “go slows” and traffic jams in many areas and on a regular basis, particularly on the approach roads to Esher; from the A3 & Oxshott, from Hersham via Lammas Lane and through the High Street.


    The air quality has reduced in some areas of the Borough to such a degree that it has become a major consideration in planning applications e.g. the old peoples flats in Cobham High Street.


    An additional 9,500 dwellings would presumably create an additional 10,000 to 18,000 cars in this area bringing many roads to a standstill. Should the current proposed redevelopment of Kempton Park go ahead, this would in itself lead to increases in traffic for Hampton Court Way and Esher High Street.




    Alternative Policy




    There is a need for a large increase in the housing stock of the nation and we believe this is a responsibility of central government. Government should be planning a new town or towns.




    The local need for housing land could be achieved in a number of ways. Although we appreciate this will require a huge infrastructure investment in roads, schools drainage and the mitigation of air pollution.




    The Association believes that Elmbridge Council should look again at the urban capacity. There maybe some areas where flats could be built one storey higher without detriment to the character of the town.




    We also believe that there are low density areas where it would be acceptable to increase density by the division of large housing plots.




    We understand there have been suggestions for schemes to build low cost flats above certain public car parks and increasing car parking at the same time. In some areas this may be acceptable if schemes of character could be developed.








    The Esher Residents Association would urge Elmbridge Borough Council to reconsider their proposals for the Local Plan. Concentrating on actual Housing need rather than developer created demand. We believe the need for new dwellings in Elmbridge to be considerably lower than the 9,500 figure quoted and as a result


    there is no need to encroach on any Green Belt land. Furthermore before any significant increase in housing is provided, attention must be given to improving local infrastructure.




    For the reasons mentioned above, the Esher Residents Association does not support any of the three options proposed.




    Yours faithfully








    Paul Fielding.




    Esher Residents Association.


  • June 2015

    Why vote for Peter Heaney and the Esher Residents Association?

    If you wish to see the Green Belt around Esher preserved - vote for Esher Residents

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    If you wish to have a pro-active and independent representative as your local councilor, Vote for Peter Heaney the Esher Residents Association candidate.

  • May 2015

    Only 34 Votes!

    34 votes. That was how many votes we missed out by in the last election. Please don't let that happen on the 7th May. Every single vote will count and your vote for Peter Heaney and the Esher Residents Association really will make a difference.

  • April 2015

    ERA membership is open to anyone

    ERA membership is open to anyone living in Esher. Members have one important thing in common: they all live in Esher and care about it, and what happens to it.

    They want to influence the decisions affecting their neighbourhood and their own quality of life.

    The ERA gives them a united voice with which to do that.

    There is a minimum contribution of £5 per annum to help cover the cost of our quarterly newsletter "ERA News" election expenses and any other running costs.

  • March 2015

    One week to go!

    One week to go until the local elections on 7th May. Please help us to get Peter Heaney elected onto the local council to represent Esher Residents. Your vote really will make the difference.





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Hon Treasurer

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Sue Citron - 01372 464696


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The ERA has been working for Esher since 1976 and aims to give people living and working here a bigger and more direct say about the local affairs.


We are solely concerned with doing what is best for the community of Esher, protecting our quality of life by seeking to conserve our green spaces for recreation, working to retain local facilities and services on behalf of the community. We do this for the benefit of all residents – the ERA has no political party associations.




  • To foster a community spirit - especially important in an area with a high turnover of residents
  • To conserve and improve the way of life in Esher
  • To provide a forceful public voice on matters affecting residents
  • To take action with and on behalf of individuals who need help on local authority matters
  • To return representatives to Elmbridge Council so as to be able to carry out effectively the above objectives


We review planning proposals from both private and public sectors in order to ensure that they are proportional, appropriate and sympathetic to the local environment. We always welcome the change and support high quality and sensitive developments which will improve our way of life and protect our environment. We want to ensure good value for our local budgets and put forward candidates for the elections to the Elmbridge Borough Council as we are not constrained by any political party line and can speak in full for our interests.


We produce a quarterly newsletter which is distributed by us in every home in Esher. The Newsletter aims to keep the residents informed about the pressing local issues, planning applications, local events and highlights interesting historical information on celebrated past residents and notable buildings.


Help and support from residents is always welcome – please send through any interesting material you would like to see published online or if you would like to get involved please do get in touch with any of the committee members.


We believe Esher is a great place to live and together we can keep it that way for future generations.






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